The entrance to the gated community of the elating Emblem Apartment Car Park is at the north side at the corner of Eagle Run Road and Stanton Christiana Road. The entire community is composed of nine blocks of home apartment clusters, from the north end to the south end separated by well-paved, concrete roads and parking spaces. The luxe pool and clubhouse are near the south end close to the three apartment blocks

As one moves closer into the apartment community, one can see a highly well planned elating Emblem Apartment Car Park in an urban setting. A panoramic view of wide roads and wooded areas in the background adorned with flowers and plants by the roadside and a wide swath of green carpeted grass meet the visitor as one enters Emblem Apartment.

The well distanced apartment block layouts of the elating Emblem Apartment Car Park allow for a wide space for movement of vehicles and people, so that it would be easier and convenient to just walk around or drive through the quick maze of roads.

Upon entry to Helen Drive, the four large apartment blocks greet the resident panning from east to west. On the eastern side of the gated community parallel to Stanton Christiana Road, four wide roads surround the apartment block with a large number of designated open surface lot parking spaces. On the sides of the apartment block are a number of covered parking and detached garages.

In the second block of the elating Emblem Apartment Car Park adjacent to the first block are mostly detached garages. In the adjacent third block are covered parking and open surface lot parking options. In the fourth block on the westside, the smallest of all the four blocks are found the open surface lot parking spaces and detached garages.

The same pattern of open surface lot parking options, covered parking and detached garages are found in the rest of the apartment blocks of the elating Emblem Apartment Car Park. Detached garages are available for $120/month and breezeway garages are available for $140/month. Two cars per apartment are allowed regardless of apartment size.

A built-in garage parking of the elating Emblem Apartment Car Park can accommodate vehicles of various sizes that include: Sedans, Sports Utility Vehicles (SUVs), Classic Cars, and Recreational Vehicles (RVs).

Feel secure at the elating Emblem Apartment Car Park. The remote-controlled garage gate opens and closes at your command. You may also provide the staff at the reception area with details of your vehicle to assure a worry-free stay at the Emblem Apartment community. You can visit site :

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